28th Almost Annual Retreat
November 7 - 9, 2022

Online Registration - CMU Attendees

This form will allow you to submit your registration information for the Parallel Data Lab 2022 Retreat. Please contact if you need more information.

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The entire PDL Retreat will occur at the Omni William Penn Hotel in downtown Pittsburgh. Your hotel booking will be made by Karen.

NOTE: The hotel is still accepting reservations, based upon availability, past the original Oct 7, 2022 room block deadline.

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All meals are part of the event. While we anticipate that all participants will join us for every meal, break, and each evening poster session, please know that we are required to give individual meal / reception counts for each catered session and it is valuable to have accurate counts. (check all that apply)

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Evening Poster Session
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Special requirements for meals: The lovely buffets provided by the Omni Hotel for our meals will include a variety of vegetarian dishes. If you think this type of selection will meet your dietary needs, please choose "no preference" below. If you would like (or if your needs require) a special plate prepared for you, please do not hesitate to indicate your choice below. For more information, please contact .

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QUESTION FOR STAFF AND ALL STUDENTS: For your room at the Omni William Penn, please give Karen two choices for your roommate.

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Details will continue to be updated via the PDL 2022 Retreat web page.